Importance of CV Format – How to Grab the Attention of a Recruiter?

Importance of CV Format – How to Grab the Attention of a Recruiter?


Often we find candidates figuring out how to stand out in the job search. They will find the job openings that will fit their professional experience and the desired skill-set. But their resume is overlooked in favor of someone with equal qualifications.

Your CV is the first step of communication that you have with the hiring manager. Make sure you have a professional resume design as It’s your chance to impress the recruiter and the hiring manager and show them what you have to offer. Because you really need to stand out to grab their attention.

A well-structured resume reflects professionalism. This demonstrates to the hiring manager that you are an organized person and always do everything to the best of your ability.

If you cannot have a proper resume format for a job, and cannot mention your skills and achievements then how will you convince the hiring manager that you hope to transfer them into the new role. How will you convince the employer you always put 100% effort into the work you do?

But the question now is how exactly will you do that in order to make sure your CV grabs the attention of a recruiter?

Style & content go hand-in-hand

Consider that for a single position, the hiring manager receives hundreds of resumes. And the fact that if your resume template looks like the standard format, then chances are your competitor’s also looks this way as well. So how will you differentiate? Your resume tells a story about who you are, what you’ve done and what you can do. Well visual resume format for a job is a great way to differentiate yourself from other job candidates

And how are you expected to stand out from your competition, when you look exactly like them on paper?

The structured format shows your sincerity

A well designed and structured resume showcases that you give high attention to the details and is necessary to succeed in the working world.

Either way, this shows off an impressive level of understanding towards your own abilities, the needs of the company, and your ability to succeed no matter what!

Here are some resume format tips you should keep in mind while designing –

  • White space – Leave some blank space between various sections of the resume’s text, so that information is easy to read.
  • Single font – Using a single font is suggested, but if you use two fonts, make sure both the fonts complement each other.
  • Bolds and Italics – Bold the points you want to highlight, like headings, job titles. You can also italicize subheadings within each section of the document.
  • Bullet points – Put the key points in bullets, it is easier for employers to scan your resume quickly. Especially highlight your skills or accomplishments in bullet format.
  • Be consistent – Be consistent in the reading pattern throughout the document. If you use all caps to highlight somethings, present the name of your most recent workplace, use all caps only. If you use bold, to present the first section title of your resume, use bold, to present the remaining section titles, too.

While making your CV check What Recruiters and Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume in 2019. Also, make sure it isn’t difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to read, the colors and graphics aren’t distracting. Divide resume template into different sections, include bullet points and highlight any key achievements you want to draw attention to. If you’re unsure, get your CV scanned by someone before you send it to the potential employers.


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