HR & Payroll Services

HR & Payroll Services

The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two countries the same. Payroll management, in one or multiple jurisdictions, can be a difficult, resource-draining task that soaks up hundreds of hours of time in interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, regulations, and documentation.

Our model of having our own wholly owned network means we can offer unique HR and payroll solutions, delivering global payroll services via local offices and in the local language.

Our HR & payroll experts understand the intricacies of legislation and customs and are able to provide an in-country contact giving you direct access to the people processing your data. HR administration is increasingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two markets the same. Multinational companies have a demanding requirement to satisfy their obligations in each jurisdiction, maintaining a global overview of these activities and controlling them to manage risk.

We are able to act as your local HR department, helping you streamline operations and reduce costs. Our local offices can handle HR processes and procedures on your behalf and help you maintain a globally and locally compliant operation, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities.

Advantages of Tekfortune’s HR & Payroll Services Plan:

Working with a wholly-owned company such as Tekfortune, and not someone who sub-contracts part of the work – like many other payroll providers – helps to minimize your risk. Our global teams have their own people on the ground in the countries in which you operate, not only keeping regulatory up to date but also taking care of any local in-country filing requirements.

Our team becomes an extension of your own, all wrapped together by the binding glue of your account contact – and they are based in a location that works best for you.

  • Flexibility in hiring short or long-term employees
  • Unemployment costs are reduced
  • Employees will work under client’s supervision
  • Co-employment liability problems are reduced
  • Employee benefit costs are eliminated
  • Ability to manage costs on a per-project basis
  • Overhead is greatly reduced
  • Minimal paperwork
  • All employees pay rolled thru Tekfortune can be hired full time at any time with no additional fees invoiced Reduced mark-ups
  • Travel and per diem costs can be managed
  • Customized client reporting (hours/dollars tracking)