How Staffing Firm Can Help You from Bad Hires

How Staffing Firm Can Help You from Bad Hires


When you make a new hire, you probably aren’t anticipating it to go wrong. After all, you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place if you knew they weren’t going to work out, right? When you’ve already spent valuable time and resources on interviewing, hiring, and onboarding an employee you thought was the right fit, it can be a shock to realize they actually aren’t. Now, you’ll have to repeat the whole process to find their replacement — which you likely did not factor into your budget or timelines.

In reality, the cost of a bad hire is much higher than you might think. Every hiring manager is fighting with a solution to avoid the hefty cost of employee turnover. Professional staffing agencies just may be your key to success. As a trusted US IT staffing agency, Tekfortune is here to break down what these costs truly look like and how working with a technical recruiter can help you overcome them!
Candidates that seemed like an excellent fit for your company throughout the interviewing process might suddenly prove themselves to be more of a liability than an asset. That’s not to say that they’re not good people; it just means they’re not the right people for your business.

The risk of making a bad hire –

Every hiring manager has this thought in his or her mind that he is taking a chance every time a new candidate is added to the team. In today’s employee-centric market, even if you’re able to find the right fit for the profile, sometimes those candidates do unexpectedly turn out to be bad hires after they sign on the dotted line.
Adding more to it, the cost of bad hires can affect the reputation of the organization. Not only it is about the amount of time and resources wasted, operations and client deliverables also suffer.

How a staffing agency can help you in avoiding bad hires?

Staffing specialists have the right skills and resources to help you avoid bad hires. These organizations have extensive experience in hiring the right fit for organizational goals. Experienced recruiters do extensive screening of candidate’s profile and time-to-time follow-ups and fetch the right talent for the positions you’re looking to fill. They have got a checklist and well-established process to evaluate candidates and they will come up with a list of possible hires much faster than if the hiring manager does it all by himself. If you haven’t thought about working with a staffing agency, you should consider how they will help solve your hiring issues and concerns.

How Tekfortune can help you with your workforce requirements?

As one of the trusted technical staffing consultant, Tekfortune has successfully delivered workforce solutions to many big companies. Our professional recruiters have the apt skills set and with the right strategies they approach the desirable and make sure that they’re seriously interested in expanding their career opportunities. We prescreen, vet the candidate, lessen the amount of time an in-house person or hiring manager will invest in the process. We will provide you with valuable information about the applicant before you decide to make any hiring decisions. Tekfortune also offers temp-to-hire services which allow you to hire a candidate for a short assignment/time to see if they’re a good fit and vice versa. If it’s a good match, you can easily hire that candidate full-time and if not, you can simply ask for a new candidate to fill the role. Choose from a wider pool of qualified candidates. Get in touch with us today!

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