5 Ways You Are Limiting Your Job Search Process

5 Ways You Are Limiting Your Job Search Process


You have been eagerly trying and waiting for that one career move, but still struggling to find a job.

You have applied to a number of job openings but aren’t getting any results? Are you creating difficulties for yourself in the process of applying for a job online?

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, here are 5 ways listed below in which candidates limit their own job search process –

Too much listening and less of understanding

You hear your friends or family saying – ask for a 50% salary hike at least, you are underpaid or you shouldn’t accept the offer as there won’t be enough work-life balance. Or you check The Glassdoor reviews (by a former employee) saying that it’s a demanding place to work and they wouldn’t recommend the company. Meanwhile, your mind is just jumbled up with other people’s thoughts and you do less of self-understanding because you do not have enough information to actually make a decision. Before you make any decision based upon what others are saying, analyze the opportunity on your own based on the knowledge you have and skills the position requires.

Denying after half listening

If you are open to new opportunities then entertain the conversation with the recruiter, understand what they have for you, because they have analyzed your profile and skills before reaching out to you. Listen to them, attend interviews, because in the end you’ll be surprised at what will come your way when you start saying “yes” more often.

Time, Passion & Persistence

Landing to your dream job isn’t a one-day job, job searching is a real commitment. To get what you really want, you need to invest time and be patient & persistence, else you won’t get much out of your job search process.

Sloppy Presentation

You know before calling for an interview, recruiters and hiring managers do check your social media profiles. So make sure you do not mislead anything in your resume and your social profiles. Have a decent profile picture on LinkedIn, spell check the resume before you float it. In short, before you even walk in for an in-person interview, you will be judged by your social media profiles, resumes, and writing samples.

The thin line between confidence and over-confidence

You have got the right skills and knowledge; you are well-qualified. But It’s not good to be over-confident that you have the job before you even take the interview. No hiring manager will like this. Healthy confidence is attractive; be calm and be the real you, else it might be a big deal breaker. Share the actual work that you have done and sell yourself on your merits.

To sum up, there are a lot of great opportunities out there for job-seekers today. Just know what exactly you want and make the hit for it. Be proactive, selective but not too picky. If you are looking for Job Opportunities in North America click here. Reach out to us directly at [email protected] and let us ease out your job search process.

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