5 Best Job Search Website To Keep A Check Upon In 2019!

5 Best Job Search Website To Keep A Check Upon In 2019!

The Internet has a come a long way for the job seekers, careers websites offered simple job search engines with few options for targeted inquiries. You get a lot of filters to apply based on your search preference in today’s sites to tailor a search by criteria like experience level, company size, and salary. You can also have an inside view of a company’s culture.

Finding that perfect job opportunity is a multi-dimensional approach. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking for a career change, follow a combination of networking and actively looking and applying for jobs. But how do you actually land up to the right opportunities?

In today’s digital environment, job seekers can find plenty of opportunities within minutes on the various job portals. The biggest challenge is that these sites vary widely in terms of quality and what information you’ll find. Some are aggregators that will directly land you on the company’s page. Whereas some are social media channels, networking groups, and staffing company websites to choose from.

Based on our experiences as a recruiting firm, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 best job search websites that can help jump-start your career in 2019. Below listed job boards are not just job listing sites and are helpful for research, but they serve different purposes and audiences.

1)  Tekfortune
Tekfortune is directly connected with the recruiters and is not an aggregator. On our website, you can search for thousands of career building opportunities from the fortune 500 clients that we directly work with. Also, we take full responsibility and protect your personal information once shared with us.

This fast-growing site has tons of jobs listed so be sure you don’t miss them out. Check them out here!

2) Dice
Dice is one of the best job board for tech and engineering job opportunities. Applicants can search by position or view all openings by the company, job title, employment type, and location. Not just this, on Dice you will also get salary estimations, career path tips, and insights to make your next career move the right one.

3) LinkedIn
LinkedIn being the top networking site is the must-have career tool in 2019. Apart from being the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, LinkedIn is the best platform for research. You can run a search for the company by visiting the company page, know about its employee size, hierarchy. You can connect with employees and have your questions answered from them.

Candidates can also incorporate their resumes within their profile so that the prospective employers can reach out to them. Make the most of your profile as your profile itself serves as a resume, write an appropriate summary.

4) Indeed
Indeed is the largest job board in the US and Canada. It is an easy to navigate job portal which aggregates openings from thousands of different sites with more than a billion job searches a month and thousands of new postings each week. Job seekers can search job postings aggregated from company pages, associations, and various listings from across the web. They can filter their search by category, location, or even starting salary.

5) Glassdoor
Glassdoor is one such job search website where job seekers cannot just find job listings, but they can also read in-depth reviews of companies about the work culture from current and former employees and salary ranges for given positions as reported by employees. It is also a great platform for companies to market themselves to the candidates. Additional to this, job seekers can also read the sample interview questions posted by already interviewed candidates for that role that can help in preparing better.

4 Tips For Using Job Boards To Get Hired

1. Networking is the key
Networking plays a great role to land up a job today. Hiring managers and recruiters consider referrals over other candidates as there is already some trust factor established.

Reach out to your network and ask if anyone can refer you to a position. Even if they don’t have any at the moment, remember they are connected to hundreds of other professionals who might possibly refer you.

You should, of course, use job boards to search for positions but don’t neglect the power of Networking!

2. ATS Friendly Resume
Most recruiters utilize an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to automatically screen resumes. When you apply to jobs online, your resume will be run through an ATS resume parsing software.

ATS software screen resumes to automatically determine if the profiles are a good match for the position or not. It filters through keywords, education, experience and other requirements for the position.

Few tips to ensure your resume is optimized for an ATS – use a standard resume format, relevant keywords and avoid too heavy & fancy images and designs.

3. Read the Job Descriptions
Read the job description very carefully. It will help you out in optimizing your profile based on the keywords and increase the chances of getting your profile shortlisted.

Moreover, some recruiters also mention seeing if there are any special instructions on submitting the application. Read the job description carefully so that you don’t miss out your next career opportunity.

4. Follow-Up
Keep a follow-up with each position you applied to make it more effective. Send a follow-up email a week or so after you submit your resume. Don’t forget to check if there is any “closing date” as you don’t want to sound too desperate to follow-up before the posting closes. Simply asking for an update or if they need any other information shows that you’re determined.

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