Banking Services & Financial Services

Banking services

The Banking & financial services industry sees constant share of fluctuations every year and evolving government policies, intensify competition and limit profitability. In order to keep stability and sustainable growth intact, banking services. IT leaders can anchorage new technology and maximize developments in security and product innovation to improve the customer experience to grow market share.

Healthcare & Lifesciences Services

Lifesciences Services

Tekfortune Healthcare Services can effectively plan, support and execute your IT initiatives. We possess a unique ability to quickly assemble high-performance teams and scale custom solutions to deliver results according to budget, time and quality commitments.

Whether you’re looking to expand services to address patient needs, or grow your business while adjusting to a new B2C business model—we can help your healthcare organization achieve its goals.

The Life Sciences & Healthcare industry is witnessing a dramatic transformation, and “convergence” has emerged as a pivotal focalpoint. Convergence of the entire ecosystem, including pharmaceutical companies, payers, providers, and other intermediaries with the patient at the center, is driving this journey. There is a definite shift from the outdated fee-for-service models to a more patient-centric, value-based, and affordable one.

The players in the ecosystem are constantly on the lookout for making meaningful and creative use of technology to bring together applications, infrastructure, and IoT enabled devices. They strive to offer unique and digital solutions to patients, ensuring a seamless and affordable healthcare experience.

For the last 10 years, we have been a ‘partner of choice’ for leading Life Sciences & Healthcare companies. Our clients include 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and seven leading medical devices firms. We believe that convergence of the ecosystem is the future and are consequently working to create unique customer experiences. This involves innovative orchestration of holistic and end-to-end offerings, including IoT, Digital, Analytics, Applications, and Cloud services.

Life Sciences enterprises are looking towards technology companies to understand how creatively they can deploy next gen avenues, including:

Automation, application modernization, and infrastructure landscape to make it lean and agile with an optimized cost blueprint

Advanced, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to generate meaningful insights that facilitate decision making

Digital strategies leveraging IoT, Digital, and SMAC technologies for building highly scalable Connected Digital Health Platforms, which ensure better patient/care-giver connectivity, issue resolution, adherence level improvements, and enhanced brand value and market share.

We realize that these challenges have not changed over the last decade. They differ based on the specific growth cycle of the companies.

For instance, Life Sciences companies in the low growth phase of the industry life cycle, due to patent expiry, would emphasize on reducing operational expenses. However, a pharmaceutical company in the high growth stage would focus on patient centricity/disease-management, launch excellence, and market access.


Insurance Services

Insurers all over the world use Tekfortune to improve their competitive edge. We offer insurance industry solutions specifically designed for Property & Casualty and Life Insurance submarkets.
Our technology solutions help you:
Stay abreast of the latest consumer trends
Speed the underwriting process
Reduce customer churn
Convert data into actionable business insights using insurance analytics.


Manufacturing Services

Accelerate productivity—and revenues—through innovative solutions that improve the visibility of orders, reduce unnecessary inventory, boost sales force automation and enable better reporting.
Tekfortune helps automobile and discrete manufacturers ignite and realize their strategic goals. By aligning production processes with customer demands, we facilitate collaboration with suppliers for better returns. Our knowledge of manufacturing in emerging markets has resulted in multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch system deployments.
Tekfortune helps industrial manufacturers transform their manufacturing IT services through:
Supply chain optimization: Streamlines processes for higher operational efficiency
E-Procurement and ERP: Boosts productivity and lowers costs with supplier portals and scorecards, inventory and warehouse management and production planning
Customer and dealer management: Multi-lingual dealer management systems and customer portals
After sales services: Warranty, service and spare parts management
Content management: Manage regulatory compliance documents, product information, website content and digital rights


Retail Services

The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations, and emerging digital firms are driving widespread disruption. Clearly, from a plethora of new products, markets, and customer segments to the burgeoning expansion of sales and marketing channels (like mobile and social commerce), retail is at a tipping point. Customers are now demanding rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging. Additionally, several forces are revolutionizing the landscape: the explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and outcome-driven digital platforms. This makes it imperative for retailers to showcase agility in tech adoption and business process optimization.

In fact, 21 CE organizations are recognized by five key tenets: experience-centricity, outcome-based, agile and lean-focused, service-oriented, and ecosystem-driven.

However certain challenges remain. These include lack of business models, siloed applications, and the inability to deploy new technologies. These impede the delivery of a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience. To overcome these obstacles and future-proof businesses, a robust and end-to-end strategy is the need of the hour.

TEKFORTUNE leverages the Mode 1-2-3 strategy, focusing a concurrent 3 point spotlight on existing as well as future growth areas of the business. This helps secure enterprise competitiveness, propelling success in the digital age. TEKFORTUNE enables retailers to boldly navigate the new digital age by transitioning from ‘traditional efficiency-oriented solutions to business outcome oriented conversations’. Our collaborative model helps carve a successful path to enterprise modernization.

Media & Communication Services

Communication Services

Consumers and enterprises demand even faster, more flexible means of communication, packed with next-generation functionality. To meet these demands, leaders in the communications space seek expert consultation and highly skilled communications information technology professionals to push the limits of technology and profitably to keep pace with the speed of complex industry changes.


Energy Services

Energy services organizations face a variety of challenges, including environmental concerns, energy information technology modernization and government regulation. To address and tackle these challenges, many organizations choose to implement modernization initiatives, business process transformation and “smart” technology to gain a competitive edge, increase productivity and enhance their flexibility and reliability.